Why Ranking Private Schools Is Misleading

Finding the Best School to Be the Best You

You might find websites that rank secondary schools — usually by a single factor — the average SAT/ACT score of their students or graduates.

We believe this is highly misleading.

To start, there are no criteria guiding how schools report average SAT/ACT scores. While schools aim to be accurate, they may measure differently, so comparisons are inaccurate.

But in the larger picture — each school is independent, with its own history, mission, and a rich variety of programs and settings that make it completely unique.

To compare secondary schools by a single measure misses the whole point.

You can’t be measured by a single criterion and neither can the school that’s going to provide you with out-of-this-world opportunities — and the things you need to thrive, grow and demonstrate your abilities.

SAT/ACT score is far from the most important factor in determining how prepared a student is for college or university…

Two girls at boarding school smiling while taking a selfie

Boarding schools build students’ abilities to conquer new challenges, become advocates for themselves, and chart their own paths in new waters.

By the time university comes around, boarding school students are ready to advance themselves creatively, intellectually, athletically, inventively…not simply tackle transition to residential life.

Finding the best school is all about finding the right fit — to help you be the very best you

TABS offers a robust School Finder where you can enter numerous criteria about what you’re looking for in a school.

And we offer the ability to compare schools — by multiple factors — that make a real difference in the quality and character of your experience.

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