Why Boarding School

What’s So Great About Boarding School?​

Boarding school gives you the chance to try new things, build amazing friendships, challenge yourself, gain independence and discover all that you can achieve when given the opportunity.

Your Team

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You are the head of the team. You know the potential of your child better than anyone, and realize the need to engage expert support to help your student flourish and succeed. Sending your baby to boarding school is an emotional sacrifice that we understand and appreciate. Your new boarding school family will ensure that your child is safe, happy and nurtured, while keeping you in the center of communication and decisions.

College Placement Counselor

A college placement counselor partners with your student and their student advisor at the beginning of junior year. They all work together to ensure your child is taking the course work required for the college placement goals they’ve set. They also expertly guide your child through the college application process, prep them for admissions interviews, and connect them with faculty, alumni and industry influencers who share their interests.


Our teachers are the best of the best. Their passion for teaching inspires a passion for life-long learning. Most hold advanced (master or doctorate) degrees, and most come with industry experience within their fields, creating an instant network for their students coast to coast. And since the average student-teacher ratio is 7:1, your child will have plenty of 1:1 time whenever they need it – day or night, seven days a week.

Coach/Athletic Trainer

Boarding school coaches are more often than not accomplished athletes in their respective sport, whether in high school, college or at the pro level. But while they are masters of their game, our coaches will meet your child at whatever level, or level of interest they have. Whether it’s honing an already skilled athlete, or introducing a new sport, the coach’s goal is to instill a lifelong passion for teamwork, dedication, health and fitness – on and off the field.


A healthy mind, body and soul make for a healthy, thriving young adult. Regardless of your child’s religious background, the school chaplain is there to help them find peace and happiness. They answer questions big and small, and serve as a spiritual guide should your child choose to engage them.

Dorm Parent

Your child’s Dorm Parent becomes their second mom or dad. They are ever-present in your child’s life, always there to make sure your child is well rested, well fed, and well balanced. They communicate closely with your child’s student advisor so no mood swing, social situation, or grade goes unnoticed. They celebrate birthdays, achievements and everyday wins, and guide them through life’s pitfalls – all in a safe, welcoming home away from home.


Students are drawn to boarding school for myriad reasons. Some want to challenge themselves academically; others want educational experiences they can’t get at a traditional school, and many want a place where they can just be themselves. Regardless of the why, your child will be surrounded by motivated, independent, like-minded peers, all living in a compassionate, supportive environment where they feel safe to try, fail, and try again. As added support, they have a Prefect, a senior student leader who role models how to live, study and work as enjoyably and productively as possible. The academic and extracurricular opportunities they get here are unparalleled, as are the relationships they develop, and life skills they gain.

Head of School

Our Heads of School know every child by name. In fact, they know every student’s family on campus. They set the tone and culture of the school, are responsible for hiring the best and brightest faculty, and creating an environment that allows students to flourish academically, emotionally and socially.

Student Advisor

At a public school, an advisor typically works with 250+ students, meeting with each maybe once or twice a year. At boarding school, a student advisor is assigned on day one to only 5-10 students. He or she will meet with your child daily or weekly as needed, helping to navigate classes, extracurriculars, personal needs, and anything else to keep your child on the right track academically, socially and emotionally. They know everything about your child, and are the conduit for all parent communications.

Boarding school students enjoy more than double the time per week with teachers, coaches and staff members outside class than private day and public school students.

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