What It Takes To Get Into The Best Colleges

Does Your Student Have What it Takes?

Preparation for college and beyond starts with innovative curricula, a personalized learning experience and real-world challenges. Ready For More?

You played classical music for them while they were in the womb. You read to them each night and let them read to you early, and often. You encouraged and motivated, edited and assured, and before you could blink, high school appeared on the horizon. And, just beyond that, college looms, foreboding and important.

While the future may be uncertain, you know one thing for sure, your children have the power to do big, great, amazing things—and they know it. A new study by Junior Achievement and Ernst & Young revealed that 91% of teens know what they want to do in the future or, at least, they think they do.

So, how do you set them up for success in education and in life?

More than a number

The first thing to do is recognize that getting into college isn’t just about a GPA and exemplary test scores. Your student will need to demonstrate a passion and the dedication to pursue that passion. Their resume might start in the classroom, but it needs to extend far beyond school walls and reflect a willingness to learn.

Well-rounded—and then some

The best way to position your child to both have the space to explore their passions and get a well-rounded education is to find a school that serves their goals without neglecting their educational foundation. North America’s boarding schools boast some of the best focused programs in the world. From athletics and the arts to science, technology and politics—it’s never too early to start honing professional skills.

“World-class academics, amazing teachers, and like-minded students set your child up for an incredible future in whatever area they want to pursue.”

The importance of independence

Beyond the endless opportunities that a boarding school education provides is a foundation that is rooted in self-motivation, regulation and independence. In fact, in The Association of Boarding Schools study, 78% of boarding students reported feeling prepared for the social, independence and time management rigors of college. Contrast that with just 23% of public school students and 36% of private-day students, and it’s an overwhelming competitive edge.


Parents know best

At the end of the day, nobody knows your child or what they need better than you do. A boarding school experience could be the boost they need to flourish into the student—and adult—that will do big, great, amazing things.

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