Transitioning to College Can Be Easy—if You’re a Boarding School Kid

Boarding School is the Best College Prep

A proud 2018 Midland School graduate shares how his boarding school experience prepared him to thrive after finishing his freshman year at University of California Pomona.

In his four years at Midland School, David D’Attile spent his days on a campus inspired by the concept that it’s each citizen’s responsibility to keep the community running. From tending gardens to stocking the furnaces with freshly chopped firewood, this experience defined a work ethic that can’t be ignored.

The opportunity to take on multiple leadership roles was abundant, and he took advantage of those opportunities as they arose. In a small community, you make your mark by your contributions, and it’s those moments that build the skills your children really need to succeed in college.

David and his dog at boarding school

David reflected on how boarding school contributed to a seamless college transition:

“I learned in high school how to be a member of a community, how to think, how to organize my time and how to express myself. I realized at college that not everyone gained those skills in high school—that many smart kids here had parents who managed almost every aspect of their lives for them when they were in high school.

“So, my transition in terms of time management, handling new social settings and understanding how to react to stressful situations was pretty smooth. It’s been really nice to focus on my academics here in college, and really dig deeper into the computer science and technology topics that interest me. I’ve had some amazing professors this year and been introduced to some really cool coursework.”

High school is a time of formative change. How will your student be challenged, supported and inspired? Find out how boarding school can prepare your child for the future they deserve.