The Structure to Succeed: How Military Schools are Creating Future Leaders

Learning to Lead at Military Academy

Military boarding schools are known for their structure, but some other advantages may surprise you.

Military boarding schools have a distinct reputation for building character, instilling discipline and demanding structure; all critical life skills. But it’s more than that. These schools go far beyond grooming soldiers, they’re cultivating a well-rounded citizen of the world to whom others can look to for leadership.


Discipline & Structure

The natural hierarchy in military schools allows students to understand the importance of a chain of command and respecting authority. It also provides opportunities for your child to experience true leadership opportunities. Guided along the way, military boarding school students are required to lead their peers in a responsible and respectful way.

“The opportunities I’ve had here are unreal. I learned how to follow, I learned how to lead, and those leadership skills will translate anywhere.” —Patrick Shanahan, Culver Academies in Indiana.


Time Management & Accountability

Sure, all boarding schools require their students to independently manage their schedules, but not all of them offer the rigor of a military academy. With dedicated daily itineraries and the required morning and evening formations, students quickly learn how to be where they’re supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be.

“It was here that I learned to carry myself like a man should, to accept responsibility for all my actions, and to appreciate everything and everyone around me as the valuable and unique entity they are.” —Scott Briggs, Fork Union Military Academy in Virginia.


Citizenship and Character

A constant theme in military academies, these students are taught, above all, that respect is a requirement of every day and every interaction.

“The academics and college prep aspect here are phenomenal, but above all the academy helps these young men and women build self-confidence. Any child after two years at Farragut can walk up to any adult and look them straight in the eye and shake their hands. This firm foundation of being able to show respect, integrity and high self-esteem is embodied in the military values taught to our children here.”— Dr. Majed Fackih, Admiral Farragut Academy in Florida.


Honor and Courage

Every military story has a common theme: one of honor and courage. Unbelievable bravery in the face of intense (often dangerous) adversity. Learning to stand strong, especially in the hardest moments, requires a great amount of guidance and practice. Students at military boarding schools are held to the highest standards and are mentored to maintain those standards even in the pressures of the real world.

“We feel good knowing that our son is in a place that teaches strong values and work ethic. The teachers encourage curiosity and exploring ideas. The service aspect is one that will carry our boy throughout his whole life; serving others in humility makes us all one.” —Annie Rosser Snider, TMI The Episcopal School of Texas

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