How to Tell Your Parents You Want to Go to Boarding School

Get Your Parents on Board with Boarding School

Not sure how your parents will react? Here’s everything you need to talk about boarding school with your parents.

Talking to your parents, or any adult, really, isn’t always easy. It would be great if you could slide into their DMs or @ them with your thoughts and feelings but, let’s face it, Candy Crush on Facebook is a little more their speed. So, how do you bring up the fact that you’d really like to attend a boarding school?

Shawnigan Lake School (Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia)


Let’s Talk

First, relax, there is nothing your mom and dad want more than to have a conversation (any conversation!) with you. All it takes is you saying, “Mom and Dad, I’d like to talk to you about something,” and they’ll be here for it. Sometimes it helps to let them know how important it is to you that they listen. Parents are humans, too, and sometimes listening is hard.

The Webb School (Bell Buckle, Tennessee)


Come Prepared

Do your homework! (It’s good practice for the independence you’ll experience at boarding school.) Here’s a good checklist of talking points and here’s a boarding school locator to help you determine where you may fit in best. Are sports programs or outdoor opportunities important to you? Rigorous STEM curriculum options or military academies? Preparing your talking points can also help you decide what kind of education you want. Your parents will take you seriously if you take your future seriously.

Groton School (Groton, Massachusetts)


Become an Expert

You know your parents and can probably guess the kinds of questions they’ll have. We’ve also talked to a lot of moms and dads to determine the most frequently asked topics they have in deciding boarding school is right for their family. From the emotional to the academic, your parents always want the best for you. They may wonder how involved they can be from a distance—the answer is a lot! And, of course, they will want to know how boarding school will prepare you for the future. Be patient and ready to address these with the people who love you most.

It won’t hurt to share some boarding school success stories with your parents either.

Boarding school is a big decision, and your parents will ultimately help you know whether it’s the right one for you. Ready For More? Visit Contact TABS.