​Applying Late to Boarding School

Many Schools May Still Have Openings

If you’re researching boarding schools well after the application deadline, don’t stress. Many wonderful options may still be available.

Applying late to boarding school can be a stressful endeavor. Our advice – relax, breathe and create a plan. Even with uncertainty about space availability, you quite possibly may have several options. While it is true that the most selective schools will be full and have only waiting lists by spring time, many good schools will still have openings.

Explore our School Finder Tool to learn about all the different boarding schools there are. Once you’ve combed through our website and visited each school profile, we can point you to one more resource to help you narrow your search, especially if time is tight.

SSAT is the Secondary School Admissions Test provided by the Enrollment Management Association. They update their Open Seat List of schools dynamically, so be sure to check it out regularly to see which schools have openings this fall, or the following winter/spring semester. This feature is found within their school search tool in the left hand column.