7 Signs You’re Boarding School Material

Do You Have What It Takes?

You know what you’re capable of. So do we. Boarding school puts the focus on YOU so that you can discover just how far you can go. Are you Ready for More?

High school is around the corner, and you’re wondering what it will be like. You may be thinking about whether it will help you get into the college of your dreams, or allow you to learn about the things that really interest you.

There are a lot of unknowns about high school, but you’re sure of one thing—you have big plans for yourself, and you want to be in the right place. If you’ve ever considered a boarding school, take a look at these seven signs that you’re Ready for More.


1. You have big goals.

It’s no secret that boarding schools are a great way to build the resume, report card and character required for top tier colleges. With classes designed to prepare you for whatever you may want to do, and the staff for support, you’ll have advantages at every turn.


2. You’re passionate about something. Or everything!

You’ll find the best of the best at boarding school, and be able to grow in a supportive learning environment. From STEAM to “extra” extracurriculars, you can study everything from foraging and mountain climbing to musical theater and microeconomics.

“There you are, 11 years old and a total weirdo back home, and you get to spend eight weeks with a handful of other weirdos just as passionate, talented, and freakishly informed about a single art form as you are.” — Alexandra Silber, Playbill

3. You’re independent. Or would really like to be!

Boarding school gives you the chance to manage your own schedule. Sure, it may sound a little scary to be in charge of when you study, socialize and sleep, but you’re never far from a supportive mentor who will help you build smart habits that will follow you into adulthood.

“I’ve always valued my education and strived to learn as much as I can, but this place has taught me many lessons that have proven invaluable, and most of them haven’t even taken place in the classroom” — Zach Jennings, Hyde School, ’17

4. You love the outdoors.

Bringing education outdoors – in the country’s most breathtaking places – is one of the coolest things about boarding school. Imagine starting your day on the slopes, or finishing with a sunset hike. Now imagine that every day.


5. You’re curious about the world.

Satisfy your adventurous side while you kick-start your education. By attending boarding school away from home, you’ll be able to explore other parts of the country, and even the world, meeting people from, and in, other cultures.

6. You’re interested in other people.

Boarding school is like living with your best friends because, well, it is living with your best friends. Even better, you’re surrounded by people who are so beautifully different, but share the same passion and appreciation for learning.

“They won’t think the same things about religion, or about politics, or about a wide range of life contexts, but they will have excitement, curiosity and character in common.” — Peter Quinn, Headmaster, The Peddie School

7. You’re YOU.

Independent. Curious. Passionate. Interested and Interesting—YOU. Boarding school celebrates your “you-ness.”

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