5 Reasons An All Boys’ School Will Help Your Son Thrive

An All Boys Education Just Might Be the Answer

Boys’ brains are a different entity, so why do we insist on trying to educate them the same way as girls? Five reasons we think a same-sex education is important for young men.

If you find yourself considering an all-boys education, you are likely to find a lot of research supporting the benefits this can provide a developing male mind. With boys being more likely than girls to suffer from learning disabilities and accounting for 90% of disciplinary referrals, the statistics offer compelling support that a traditional education system isn’t set up to promote learning in young men.1

Perhaps even more convincing are the amazing examples that prove just how successful these all-boys schools can be. Boys do better when they’re in an environment predisposed to expect more of them, as clearly evidenced by the impressive college placement rates for single-sex schools. Whatever your reasons for researching boys’ boarding schools, here are our top five factors that set an all-male education apart.

students laughing at an all boys' schoolGeorgetown Preparatory School (North Bethesda, Maryland)


Science is a very gray matter.

As mentioned above, there is nothing but data, research and reports that indicate just how different a young male’s developing brain is from that of his female counterpart. Boys’ brains are generally comprised of six and a half times more gray matter than girls’. This information-processing resource sets guys up for success in certain areas, like science and math, but can make it difficult for them to connect. In an all-boys boarding school, class structures and learning environments can be tailored to help students take advantage of their natural strengths while supplementing their areas of weakness.

Boys out on a hike at boarding schoolSt. George’s School (Vancouver, British Columbia)


Paying attention isn’t easy.

Among the array of learning disabilities from which boys suffer, many affect their focus. The sheer amount of energy that a young man possesses can make sitting in a classroom for eight hours a day nearly impossible — it’s no surprise that behavior becomes an issue. Through a unique combination of clearly defined expectations and the ability to self-regulate, boarding schools for boys give them the opportunity to work, learn, grow and mature at their own pace.

Two boys meditating at boarding schoolMcCallie School (Chattanooga, Tennessee)


Nap time isn’t just for kindergarten.

If you’ve ever wondered why it’s so easy for a guy to doze off, we’ve got an answer: the male brain needs rest in order to recharge. A great excuse to take a nap, sure, but when it comes to traditional schools, this is largely ignored. In all-male curriculums, there are periods of rest inherently built into each day so that each student can maximize his learning potential.

Boy putting a bridle on his horse at an All-boys boarding schoolMissouri Military Academy (Mexico, Missouri)


The freedom to be “me.”

While schools generally report that girls are more likely to be bullied and boys are more likely to do the bullying, that doesn’t render them immune to the harsh critiques of their classmates. Oftentimes, boys are expected to conform even more than young women or else risk being misunderstood at best, and mocked at worst. Without the added pressure of the opposite sex, young men are able to explore interests and express feelings in a safe and secure learning environment without fear of judgment.

Students helping one another tie a tie at an all-boys boarding schoolAvon Old Farms School (Avon, Connecticut)


Boys will be…men.

It’s important to set expectations for all children in the prime of their education, but there is often the accepted notion that “boys will be boys.” That’s not the case at an all-male boarding school, with a curriculum rooted in discipline and steeped with the right kind of example and support. There is no better way to prepare a young man for a bright future than to put him in an environment that demands it of him. Boarding schools are uniquely designed to help young men thrive while giving them the guidance and support they need as children and students.

The Association of Boarding Schools is ready, willing and able to help you find an all boys’ boarding school that is right for your family and your student. Whether he wants to take advantage of outdoor adventures under the watchful eyes of professionals or experience world-class academics without worrying about what “the girls” think, there is something for every boy.

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