5 Advantages of #BoardingSchoolLife

Ready For More from Your Education?

From living on campus with best friends to going kayaking with classmates, a boarding school education is an adventure like no other.

1. Find Your Path and Passion

Gone are the days of defining yourself by a single activity. Here, you’re encouraged to try everything. From arts to athletics to off-campus explorations, you’ll have countless opportunities to have fun with your classmates, pursue your passions and discover new ones. And when you have everything right on campus, you’re only limited by your imagination!


2. More Than a Number

Unlike traditional schools, classes at boarding school are focused, fun and interactive. You’ll get to discuss topics in-depth, share your point of view and learn from one another in an engaging class setting. World-class curricula, the best teachers in the biz and like-minded students set you up for an incredible future in whatever area you want to pursue. Plus, you’ll get the personal attention you need for your academics to flourish.


3. Lovin’ that #CampusLife

Boarding school campuses rival the best college campuses. Whether you’re studying under a tree, riding your bike to class or taking an impromptu mountain hike, life on campus is both inspiring and fun. Plus, having dining halls, not cafeterias, is like having your favorite restaurant right at school! Not only do you get to eat with your best friends and teachers in a cool dining hall, all of your meals are prepared by professional chefs.


4. Spread those Wings

The independence to live how you like and the support to be successful—that’s what you can expect from the amazing students and teachers surrounding you at boarding school. Enjoy weeknight hangs and weekend outings with your besties and never worry about being home by curfew! You’ll be an integral part of your community, giving you an opportunity to lead and to follow.


5. Make an Impact

All boarding school students participate in community service. Whether it’s helping your local community, or traveling around the world to help others, you’ll get amazing opportunities to give back and grow as a person.

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