​​10 Things to Think About If You’re Considering Boarding School

Considering Boarding School?

Moving away from your current education path can be complicated. By asking the right questions, you can discover the best plan of action to find a boarding school that’s the perfect fit.
No decision seems quite as big as one that impacts our children’s future. And choosing to go to boarding school is certainly a decision that could change their lives for the better. Whether you’re ready to apply or still trying to decide if it’s the right fit for your student, here are a few things to consider. We also have some helpful video testimonials and a ton of FAQs that can get your conversation going.What kind of student is your child?
  1. How do they learn best?
  2. What gives them stress about school, and how do they handle that?
  3. Do they like to make new friends?
  4. Are they comfortable with, and accustomed to, being away from home?
  5. Does weather matter? Would they be open to experiencing a different climate?
  6. How do they like to spend their free time?
  7. Do they enjoy and seek out a variety of interests and hobbies?
  8. What kinds of educational environments do they thrive in?
  9. What will work best for your family?
Are you ready to take that next step? Are you ready for more? Hear from other parents or explore the FAQs on our site.